Creating opportunities in China for European businesses

China Euro Ventures helps Chinese companies to form strategic partnerships and joint ventures with businesses in Europe.

Over the past twenty years, low cost manufacturing has been the cornerstone of the Chinese economic miracle. But as wages rise and production becomes cheaper elsewhere, Chinese companies are increasingly focusing on innovation and improving quality. At the same time, inland cities throughout China are offering compelling advantages to attract industrial investment, providing businesses with new opportunities to expand.

To maximise their potential, Chinese businesses are increasingly looking to European companies for consultancy, advice and technological expertise. The China Euro Ventures team have been working with Chinese companies for over thirty years, and have a proven track record in delivering successful partnerships. Our long-standing relationships throughout China means that we know where opportunities for European business will be and that we're trusted to find partners to work with in Europe. Our extensive industry experience gives us the tools we need to make these partnerships happen.

China Euro Ventures ServicesServices

  • Strategy, Planning & Research
  • Partner Search & Evaluation
  • Joint Venture Structuring & Negotiation
  • Regulation, Red Tape & Risk Mitigation
  • Joint Venture Implementation & Monitoring
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China Euro Ventures AdvantageOur Advantage

  • We're the trusted partner of choice in China
  • Our track record speaks for itself
  • We're very well connected
  • We have expertise in industry
  • We know where the opportunities are
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China Euro Ventures Key SectorsKey Sectors

  • Heavy Industry
  • Environment
  • Renewables & Clean Fuels
  • Recycling
  • Fashion & Tech
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