Our Advantage

The China Euro Ventures team have over thirty years of experience developing relationships between Chinese and European companies. With teams in Guangdong and London, significant industry experience, on-the-ground insight, and influential relationships, we are ideally placed to ensure that your partnership or joint venture is a success.

We're the trusted partner of choice in China

We have worked closely with Chinese businesses, local governments and central governments, and have built strong relationships throughout the country. Because of this we are the trusted consultancy of choice when Chinese businesses look for partnerships and joint ventures in Europe. Take a look at our current opportunites to see the projects we're helping with now.

Our track record speaks for itself

We have the track record and reputation to deliver excellent results every time. We take pride in every project that we work on, and work hard to maintain our reputation as the leading specialists for bringing Chinese and European businesses together.

We're very well connected

When getting a joint venture or partnership off the ground, we know that you need to find the right partner and have the right connections to make it happen. Our relationships throughout China and Europe mean that we know where to turn to make any project a success and that we can help you to work through regulation and red tape in both regions.

We have expertise in industry

Our team have years of experience in enterprise, heavy industry, technology and imports/exports, and we work hard to understand your business and requirements in detail. We think that this is vital to making any joint venture a success, as we can only match you with the right partner and help bring your collaboration together if we know your business as well as you do.

We know where the opportunities are

China is constantly changing, and the coastal cities are increasingly overdeveloped. Focus is shifting towards less well developed cities in mainland China - and each city has aspirations to become a leader in particular industries. Every one of these cities provides a opportunities for European business, so we constantly monitor every region in the country, not just the big business hubs, to bring the widest range of projects to the table.