We are constantly working with a number of Chinese businesses, who want to form joint ventures and partnerships with companies in Europe. Our current opportunities are below.

Steel Manufacturing

Our client is looking to build a multi-billion dollar next-generation steel factory complex in the south of China, and is looking for Western partners to consult on quality control, minimising the environmental impact and ensuring efficient production, or to find an steel industry leader who would work in a joint venture partnership. This well funded project provides a unique opportunity for European steel manufacturers.

Oil Refinery

Our client is building the largest oil refinery in China. They are looking for partners in Europe who can provide advice on environmental risk mitigation, oil quality and efficiency improvements.

Sugar Production

A consortium of clients in the sugar industry are looking to partner with European companies to advise and consult on their sugar refinement processes, recycle waste products and improve environmental standards.

Shrimp Farming Environmental Management

A region that produces 70% of of the shrimp for export in China are working to improve environmental standards and reduce the impact on local waterways and the surrounding areas. We are looking for partners in Europe with experience of shrimp farming who can advise on technological and process improvements within the region.

Property Development

We have been retained as advisors to a city council, working on a new project to develop a Venice-themed luxury resort on a collection of interconnected islets near the south coast. The area is close to one of China's top tourist destinations, and less than one hour from Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou by plane. The council have given us the exclusive remit to find property developers to build hotels, entertainment or accommodation within the resort.


Digital collaboration between China and Europe is growing at a rapid rate. China often looks to Europe for technical talent, but also for business and marketing strategy, especially when expanding existing services into Western markets. China Euro Ventures has been closely involved in fasion tech startup, Chicmi, which is a joint Chinese-UK project.

To find out more about any of these projects and talk to one of our experts please contact us.