Key Sectors

We have opportunities for European companies in every part of Chinese industry, but we are always looking for partners in the following sectors.

Heavy IndustryHeavy Industry

As China looks to reinvent its heavy industries to be more efficient and produce higher quality output, these businesses are constantly receiving significant investment and focus. This provides a unique opportunity for businesses in Europe to advise, consult and enter joint ventures within this sector.


The rapid development of China's manufacturing industry has created an environmental problem in many Chinese cities, which China is working hard to improve and initiatives are heavily government-backed. Manufacturers in Europe have worked within strict environmental regulation for decades, and have developed innovative environmentally-friendly processes and technologies. There is a huge opportunity for European industrial companies to partner with Chinese businesses to implement similar improvements in existing or new-build factories throughout China.

RenewablesRenewables & Clean Energy

China's power infrastructure is still highly reliant on coal. As China looks to diversify its power sources, bring more power to underdeveloped regions and improve its environmental footprint, renewables and clean energy are increasingly important. Providers of technology in these sectors are in high demand throughout China.


Waste from manufacturing and industry can create huge opportunities for companies who can recycle materials for use elsewhere, but the Chinese recycling market is still in its infancy and the Chinese government is keen to promote development in this field. We are looking for specialist recycling companies in Europe who have the knowledge to provide innovative services and consultancy to Chinese businesses.

Does your company work in one of these fields? There are many opportunities right now for your business in China, so please contact us to talk to one of our expert consultants.