Our Services

China Euro Ventures provides a full service solution that covers the whole life-cycle of any joint venture or partnership.

Strategy, Planning & Research

Before you move into another market you need to understand it. The differences between China and Europe are vast, and any business that is not suitably prepared will face significant difficulties.

China Euro Ventures will carry out in-depth cultural, social and economic research on the ground in China, and we will use that insight to help you create a firm strategy and launch your new venture with confidence.

Partner Search & Evaluation

Finding the perfect partner is key to any joint venture. Our team are experts at researching and choosing the most suitable company to meet your needs. We will carry out in-depth evaluations to determine each company's suitability, produce comprehensive audit reports on every candidate company, and from that develop a shortlist of potential partners to approach.

Joint Venture Structuring & Negotiation

Structuring a joint venture or partnership can be complicated at the best of times, but bringing together two companies across two continents adds extra challenges. We know how to make it run smoothly. From arranging meetings and hosting technical discussions to providing translation and interpreting services, we help manage the negotiation and structuring stage of your joint venture or partnership for you.

Regulation, Red Tape & Risk Mitigation

Regulatory, legal and bureaucratic obstacles are everywhere and are unique in every market. We know where the pitfalls are in China and Europe and how to overcome them, and our team have connections throughout both regions at all levels - business, enterprise, local government and central government. We will help you plan, manage and mitigate risk from the outset, so that you can have confidence that your partnership won't be hindered by unpleasant surprises.

Joint Venture Implementation & Monitoring

Once a partner has been chosen and commercials agreed, our work doesn't stop there. We will continue to work with both parties throughout the implementation of the project and provide administrative and language assistance to make sure that the deal is completed as planned.

Government to Government

It's not just businesses who want to work together in China and Europe. We also advise local and central government departments to help them form partnerships, friendships and joint ventures between cities, administrative regions or countries.